Here are some examples of the items ladies who have attended our previous events have swished. Were any of the items originally yours? Do you have a Swished item you would like to share with us? Have a look at the gorgeous items these girls grabbed, and if you fancy doing the same then join us at our next event!

If you would like to send us a picture of your favourite item or look please Email us.

Hannah's Swishing story:

Coat: High End High St Rail at Swish & Pout

“I went to my first swish & pout event with a work colleague, I thought it'd be a good way for us to swap our unwanted clothes for some new ones and for a really cheap price. When we got there we were overwhelmed by the choice of clothing and accessories & how well organised it was. After sipping on a frocktail & eating a delicious cup cake, we went into the swishing room. It was so exciting to see everyone ferreting around all the clothes, there was even a little changing area where we could try on what we wanted to swish. I found this amazing white fur coat & some cool accessories. Last month I was a bridesmaid at a friend’s wedding & the coat came in very handy, not for me but for the bride. It was a beautiful white wedding and the church was freezing, as was the walk up to it. The beautiful bride donned the coat and kept warm throughout the post ceremony pictures. So, you never know what fabulous items you can find at Swish and Pout!”

Frankie wears:

Dress: Vintage Rail at Swish & Pout
Accessories: Frankie's own.

Frankie says: "I love Swish & Pout because a) you can get hold of some fantastic clothes and b) they put on a blooming good event - it's so much more than a regular clothes swap. I've been to two swishes so far and I've had my hair done at one (an AMAZING up-do which I wish I'd had done for my wedding!), and eaten vegan cupcakes and had a cheeky afternoon GnT at another... It's a great girls day out. I've loved clearing out my wardrobes for them, taking dresses which I know someone else will love but which either don't fit me any more, or that I've worn so much that I'm just a little tired of. At one of the swishes I got a Kate Moss for TopShop sundress...absolutely gorgeous and was the last thing I spotted at the end of the's a gem! It is cream coloured, short and has red stars all over it. And the other is now one of my all-time favourites. It's a vintage Betsey Johnson New York dress and I can't tell you how much I adore it. It's a very flattering shape and is becoming my go-to dress for weddings and Christenings! I like to accessorise it with a short black cardie, a pale pink corsage, a belt round the waist and black peep toes (badly painted toenails optional!).  

Thank you so much Swish & Pout and I can't wait for the next swish!" 
Libby wears:

Dress:  Popular High St Rail at Swish & Pout
Wedge sandals: High-end High St Rail at Swish & Pout
Belt: £3.50 Claire's Accessories
Cardigan:  Old H&M shrug altered/modified by Libby
Beads and purse: Gifts
In Libby's words: "So as you can see, my entire wardrobe cost £3.50. The shrug-come-cardigan is years old, so I don't count the price of's gotten it's penny's worth! The dress is something i wouldn't normally buy so having swished it - its a great way to try something new without the hefty price tag. I got lots of compliments and am looking forward to finding another outfit at the next S&P event"
Abenaa: wears:

Dress: Popular High St rail at Swish & Pout
Shoes: H&M

Abenaa says: "This dress was one of my favorite pieces from Swish & Pout besides a leopard print jacket which i can't wait to wear in the Winter! This was the perfect dress for my recent holiday in Lisbon and i got lots of compliments for it!"

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